Advanced English Class Excusion

Last Thursday, 17 March 2011, the weather was fine, our ESL class went on an excursion. We were six people and 2 babies. It was really good to be together, and as Pam said we were like a family going on an outing.

We met “under the clocks” at Flinders station at 9.30 am. We waited for some minutes for everyone to be there. We wandered on the Southbank. Pam brought some article describing the buildings and she explained to us some sculptures and designs. Then we went to the jetty to buy our tickets for the Yarra River Cruise which was scheduled at 10.30 am. As it was a bit early to board the ship, we had a coffee together, and this helped us to know each other a bit more.

We boarded the boat at exactly 10.30 am. The cruise was very interesting, the captain commented on the surroundings giving details including the costs of some of the houses and the Bolte bridge etc…I admit that I did not understand everything that he was saying, he was speaking too quickly. I appreciated the views of the docklands with all the tall buildings and new houses along the river.

We passed the Bolte Bridge and the West Gate Bridge. We saw the big container ships loading and unloading their cargo. The captain also attracted our attention to the big square ships which carry lots of different kinds of vehicles.
We arrived at Williamstown in the midst of many yachts. Many passengers disembarked there for lunch. We remained on the boat to return to Southbank. On our way back, our boat had to stop to help another one which had broken down. Some of the passengers from the other boat embarked on ours to go back to Southbank.

On our return to Southbank, we had a fantastic lunch together, we had sandwiches, sushi and Chinese foods. It was very nice to share this day together. I returned home happy with lots of memories.

From Gilliane / ESL Advanced Level


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