I went to 3 different primary school growing up. At school, I had difficulty with spelling, writing and maths. It got worse when I got to high school. School was very hard for me to learn. I felt different to all the other kids it felt like everyone was smarter then me.

I started looking for work after school. From 1981-2009 I worked at a Warehouse for 15 years and worked in a fruit shop for 11years. I enjoyed working. I find it hard not working now.

WISE from Richmond sent me to the Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House Reading and Writing class to improve my skills. In the beginning I didn’t want to come to class. I didn’t think I be interested being in a class. I realised overtime I enjoyed coming to the class. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about them. I now understand spelling, reading and writing much better. I enjoy being in the class because everyone is friendly and nice. Our teacher Sandra is very good in teaching she is very helpful to me. She is helping me learn computers which I enjoy especially Issues in English. I now feel comfortable in class and I`m enjoying learning new things.


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