Don’t rain on my parade!

It is a well-known urban legend that Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House is cursed with rain every time we hold an outdoor event.  Two days before the 2008 Community carnival the forecast was for – you guessed it – flooding.  Convinced we were doomed, Joanna and I came up with the crazy idea to create colourful rain-ponchos with the Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House logo. We were convinced that if everyone was dry and covered in primary-coloured PMNH-branded plastic this would solve the problem.  So we spent the last 24 hours feverishly screen-printing over 200 shiny biodegradable raincoats.

The day of the Carnival arrived, along with the rain & wind. The ponchos were a great hit and everyone wandered around with huge grins on their faces, dripping and flapping in the breeze like giant blue & yellow kites.



One Day

You probably would not believe me if I said that the first time I walked into my neighbourhood house I met a dragon. Turns out you would be right for not believing me because it never happened.

That said, I did see a purple dinosaur at a park once.